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The Anchor by songofamazon The Anchor :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 1 5 Wedding Owls by songofamazon Wedding Owls :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 1 5 Pazaak by songofamazon Pazaak :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 13 2 Kionee Rinnh by songofamazon Kionee Rinnh :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 2 5 Bringing Balance by songofamazon Bringing Balance :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 2 3
Tanka #1
  夜空で一緒 月、君、私
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Tap Dancing R2-D2 by songofamazon Tap Dancing R2-D2 :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 2 0 JJL by songofamazon JJL :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 10 10
When you look at my face, what do you see?
When you hear my voice, what do you hear?
और अब?
नहीं। मैं जापानी नहीं हुँ। मेरा मूँ देखो।
But just as my accent can't match my face,
My face tells so little.
When you ask me where I'm from—
I hate that question,
I really do—
"Minnesota" can't tell the whole story.
     (And you'll want to know why I don't have that accent)
Then I say:
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A KOTOR Christmas by songofamazon A KOTOR Christmas :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 7 0
Taninim and Leviathan - Part 3
Taninim and Leviathan
Part 3-  Intersection (3976 BBY)
Alek dragged his feet, scuffling and kicking at the pebbles on the pavement on his way to the east courtyard of the Jedi enclave.  A warm breeze tousled his dark hair and whispered in the tall grasses beside the path.  A brith flapped overhead, riding its gentle currents through the sky.  The brilliant azure of the sky, the kiss of the summer breeze against his cheeks, and the chirps of contented songbirds were all lost on Alek.  His entire being was focused on each frustrated, halfhearted shuffle-kick at the bit of gravel in front of his feet.
The laughter and giggles of children reverberated off the enclave and plateau walls that inclosed the courtyard ahead.  That was not lost on Alek, however.  He gave the bit of a gravel a particularly forceful kick, as if containing all of his irritation up in the toes of his boots.  It careened harmlessly off the
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Pretty, Pretty Prizes by songofamazon Pretty, Pretty Prizes :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 2 1 Young Neo Sailor Moon by songofamazon Young Neo Sailor Moon :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 0 0 Neo Sailor Jupiter by songofamazon Neo Sailor Jupiter :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 2 2 Neo Sailor Mars by songofamazon Neo Sailor Mars :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 1 0 Neo Sailor Mercury by songofamazon Neo Sailor Mercury :iconsongofamazon:songofamazon 3 0

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The Anchor
Inquisitor Lavellan has been my big project for the last year, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. It really pushed my limits in the areas of armoring, prop making, and leather-working. I learned a ton, and there are still tweaks I want to make, including getting myself a staff.

Photo by my husband, editing by me
I really need to get out of Hostrocket.  They have my domain name but they aren't letting me renew it or transfer it. *headdesk*  I've been trying to transfer it to dinohost, who actually is my web host, for the last few weeks, but every time I initiate the transfer, dinohost comes back and says that the EPP key that hostrocket provided is invalid.  That put me right up against my renewal deadline, so I decided I would bite the bullet and pay the $20 to renew with hostrocket again just so I could keep this transfer process going safely.  That was three days ago.  I went back in today to give hostrocket an ear-full about the invalid EPP keys and found that my domain renewal request had been cancelled without my knowledge (I did get order confirmation and invoice emails) and that my domain had expired.  I tried to renew again, but it told me that I need a manual confirmation, whatever that is, so the domain is still not mine.

So yes, I know the Tower is down, but I really am trying to keep it.  Hostrocket is just being a total jerk about it.  Needless to say, they got an even bigger ear-full this time.


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I'm a writer and a costumer who occasionally pretends to be an artist. I'm a returned American Japanaphile who lived in rural, northern India teaching English to village kids for two years. I am a graduate student in International Development and Global Cooperation--basically a double-masters in saving the world.

It's amazing the places your life puts you.


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